Biz-Line Appointment Reminder is an essential customer service management tool for appointment-based businesses that enables automation of appointment confirmation, cancellation and rescheduling. It is a powerful system that allows you to control every aspect of your over-the-phone appointment management according to your business needs.

Time is valuable not only for your customers, but for your business as well. Missed appointments, late arrivals, no-shows all represent a missed opportunity and actual financial loss for any business. Even the most loyal clients may simply forget or get confused about their appointment times. Appointment reminders dramatically decrease the instances of missed appointments while increasing customer satisfaction and improving client retention.

The Reminder allows you to send appointment reminders automatically, using an easy to set up web interface that requires only the client’s contact information and your preferred reminder settings. No additional software to install or hardware to buy is needed. You may access your Biz-Line Reminder web interface from any internet-enabled device, including computers, tablets and smartphones.

Biz-Line Reminder is easy to adapt to your needs. Some of the system features that you can customize include: time of the call, the time frame before the appointment, the rate at which all calls are placed, the number of retry attempts and retry intervals for unanswered or interrupted calls. All you need is to provide the Reminder a list of phone numbers to work with.

Loading telephone lists into the system can be done manually or by uploading a CSV file of any size. New numbers may also be added manually or automatically. You can modify the call recipient list and the Reminder settings at any time to accommodate your business’s changing circumstances and busy work periods.

Businesses that take full advantage of the convenience and flexibility offered by Biz-Line Reminder include doctor’s offices, dentist’s offices, beauty, wellness and spa facilities, restaurants and many more. They use the Reminder to:

Inform a customer of a scheduled appointment, asking to confirm, cancel or reschedule;
Remind a customer of an upcoming hotel booking, table reservation, an event or even a flight, providing an option to cancel or make changes;
Prompt a customer with an abandoned online shopping cart to complete the order; and much more!