General Questions

Since its inception in 2000, T-One has been delivering the most comprehensive range of business telecommunications services designed to meet every need and requirement. By emphasizing reliability, zero downtime, providing exceptional customer support and using the latest technology, we have attracted hundreds of corporate clients worldwide. By employing only the most innovative systems, applications and software, we ensure that you do not require costly hardware installations and use only the most up-to-date services.
Easy! Just give us a call at 1 888 9898663, send an e-mail to or leave us a short message using our Contact Form. Our representative will contact you very shortly.
Our business phone services are available Canada-wide, as well as internationally. Remote users can be connected to your office phone network from anywhere in the world.
Depending on your needs it might take from a few minutes to up to 5-10 business days. Any equipment required is delivered within 1-3 business days. Porting of your phone number may take approximately 5-7 business days.
Yes. Before switching to T-One, you should confirm the cancellation procedure with your current carrier. We will require a Letter of Authorization and a copy of your latest bill from the current provider before we can complete the phone number transfer (porting). It usually takes 5-7 business days to switch the phone number. Once porting is completed you can cancel your services with the previous provider.
Please follow the link below to access your online profile. Enter your username and password that was provided in the welcome e-mail. If you do not remember the password, please use the Reset My Password option. If you do not remember your username, please contact our Support Centre by e-mail or phone. Client Login
T-One phone lines use Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to allow telephone calls to be made over data networks (such as a LAN's, WAN's, and the Internet) instead of the ordinary public switched telephone network (PSTN), lowering service costs dramatically. With VoIP, all standard features along with unlimited calling to select destinations is available.
T-One supports auto-provisioned Grandstream phones, adapters and phone systems. They do not require any manual settings and can receive the latest updates automatically. All devices have a 12-month warranty and will be replaced free of charge in case of any malfunctions.
We strongly recommend to contact your alarm security system provider to make sure it is going to work with VoIP before installing a T-One phone line. Some alarm systems are compatible with both VoIP and traditional phone lines, while others may require control panel changes or simply be incompatible with VoIP. T-One cannot guarantee that your specific alarm system will work correctly with our line.
Yes, we can provide you with a Canada and USA regular and Toll Free numbers as well as international phone numbers (verification may be required).

Billing Questions

No! We offer monthly plans with a minimum one month commitment, no contracts required.
The invoice for each incoming billing period (the 1st day of each month) is issued 14 days in advance, so you have 2 weeks to make a payment. If the payment is not received before the due date, the service will be suspended automatically.
You can pay your bills and top up the long distance calling balance with a credit card, a bank payment or Interac E-Transfer. Credit card payments can be made over the phone by calling our Support Centre at 611 or online at our Client Portal. Login to your online profile, go to Payment Methods, add your credit card details, return to Dashboard and click on the Make Payment option. To top up the long distance balance go to Services > Manage > Top Up. You can set up auto-pay that will charge your credit card monthly (please contact us for a Pre‐Authorization form), both for monthly payments and to top up the long distance calling balance. To make a payment by bank or in your Online Banking: enter T‐One Corporation Inc as a payee and input your 4‐digit account number. We currently accept bank payments from TD Canada Trust, Scotiabank, CIBC, RBC and Bank of Montreal. Payments made by bank/online banking are usually received within 1‐3 business days. Once your payment has been received you will be notified by e‐mail. To make a payment by INTERAC e‐Transfer : Login to your online or mobile banking at a participating financial institution ‐ Choose Interac e‐Transfer from the Transfer/Payment menu options ‐ Select a recipient by entering ‐ Fill in the Interac e‐Transfer information (the dollar amount, the account from which to withdraw the funds; provide a security question (any) and please choose the following security answer: tonecorp) - Follow the instructions to confirm the information and complete the transfer.
Invoices are sent to your mailbox monthly. They are also available online at our web portal. Please login to your account and find the Invoices option. You will be able to check and download both Open and Closed invoices.
The first invoice is usually higher than the regular monthly bill, because it includes the prorated amount for the current month, the pre-paid amount for the following month and it may also include any equipment costs and service installation fees (if applicable).
You can top up your international calling balance online. Please login to your account, go to Services and press the Phone Service Manage button. Find the “Top Up” option, choose the amount you want to pay, select the source (account credit or credit card) and click “Apply”. The payment will be applied automatically. You can also contact our Support Centre and top up the balance with our operator's assistance.
To check the balance from your T-One phone please dial *01. You can also check your balance online by logging in to your account.
Yes, you can. You may add a contact online at our Portal, under Contacts, or over the phone with the help of our Support Centre representatives at 611.
Please update your credit card information online at our Portal under Payment Methods or call our Support Centre at 611.
No, we do not accept payments by Cheque. Please select one of available payment options described above.

Quick Feature Codes

Our standard phone plans include the following features: Caller ID, Call Transfer, Call Parking, Call Forwarding, Call Conference, Call Recording, Call Reporting, Voicemail, Voicemail to Email, Follow Me, Auto-Attendant/IVR, Do Not Disturb, Call Queues, Music On Hold, Office Hours, Ring Groups, Phone Directory, Intercom, Auto Provisioning, Remote Users, Multiple Offices, Fax to E-mail, Fax, Online Management System, and Remote Support.
Dial ## plus the extension number to whom you wish to transfer the call without consulting the recipient first.
Dial *2. The incoming call will be placed on hold, while you consult with the recipient. If they wish to take the call, it can be transferred immediately, otherwise the caller can be retrieved from hold or transferred to the recipient's voicemail.
Dial *43 to check the sound quality.
Dial ##70# to place the call on hold at a virtual extension that can be retrieved by any agent or extension upon dialing the assigned "parked number". To pick up a parked call, simply dial the parking lot number announced by the system.
Dial *72 to activate unconditional call forwarding and enter the number where you wish all calls to be forwarded to, press # when finished.
Dial *73 to deactivate all call forwarding.
Dial *78, which will put your extension into the Do Not Disturb state. All calls to the extension will return a busy signal or send the call to voicemail.
Dial *79 which will deactivate the DND state for your extension.
Dial the number of the first Party, put the call on hold. Pick another line, dial the second Party number and then press the Conference button on your phone.
Dial * and the extension number, to whose voicemail you wish to forward the call.

Long-Distance Calling

Our long-distance calling services are available to all our customers. If you would like to make international calls to destinations that are not included in your calling plan, pre-payment will be required.
Once you add enough balance for long-distance calling to your profile, you may dial international numbers directly from your T-One phone, starting with the country code 1 for Canada/USA or 011 for all other overseas destinations. You can also use mobile apps to call long-distance from your cell phone.
Yes, you can install any long-distance calling application on your smartphone and use your SIP credentials to set it up.
You can check your outgoing, incoming and failed call logs in your online profile. Please login to your account, go to Services, find the Phone Service Manage button and select Calls. Specify the calling period and the call type and press Apply. You can also export calls to your PC by pressing the Export button and saving the file.
Please see our International calling rates following the ling below. Please note that the HST is not included in the rates. Rates
There may be several reasons why, the most common being that the number was dialed incorrectly or it is currently busy/unavailable. If you are certain that the number was dialed correctly and should be functioning, please contact our Support Centre. Our technical support team will resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
Please dial 1 for Canada/USA or 011 for all other overseas destinations + Country Code + City Code + Phone Number, followed by the #.
Please check your Internet connection and ensure that there are no issues. If the Internet is working properly, please contact our Support Centre so we can check the lines and the destinations with which you are experiencing issues.
If your long-distance calling balance drops below the 1-minute calling rate, your call to that destination will be automatically disconnected. If you have enough balance but the calls still disconnect, please contact our Support Centre.
We do not charge any connection or extra fees. You are charged per-minute only for the actual calls taking place. Please note that the long-distance calling rates quoted do not include HST – all applicable taxes are extra.
You can find and download recommended softphone apps following the link: Free Sofphones
Yes, you can use our long-distance services from another country with the help of softphone application or by connecting your VoIP device to the local Internet service wherever you are.

Technical Support

Our devices are auto-provisioned and do not require any manual set up or special installation instructions. All you need to do is to unbox the phone, plug it into the power socket and connect it to your Internet router. It will start working automatically in a few minutes. Please read the user guide provided with the device carefully before connecting it to the network. Ensure you have plugged the handset to the appropriate outlet (the handset, not the headset).
First, please verify that the voicemail option is enabled for your device. T-One does not enable it by default, as many customers prefer to use their own answering machines. To see if voicemail is enabled, you can check your online profile or contact our Support Centre at 611. Once voicemail is enabled, dial *97 from your phone and follow the instructions to record your greeting and complete the set up.
Please check your Internet connection. If there are any connection issues, they need to be resolved first. Once the Internet connection is restored, please power off the phone, wait a few minutes and turn it back on. The phone will start working automatically. If the Internet is working properly, but your phone is not, please restart/power off your Internet router and then repeat with the phone itself. If rebooting your equipment still does not solve the issue, please contact our Support Centre at 611.
One-way audio issues may be caused by specific router settings. Please ask your network specialist to check them for you and unblock the ports for the VoIP phone line.
Sending faxes using a fax machine is possible, but it will require an additional phone adapter and using a separate phone line. The fax machine needs to be connected to the phone adapter, which in turn is plugged into the network. Once this is done, you can send faxes using your fax machine.
The Internet connection speed influences sound quality significantly, so please check your Internet connection first. You may want to contact your Internet service provider to increase the speed or fix any low speed issues.
Before reporting any issues, please ensure you have followed the instructions provided in the answers above. Rebooting the equipment often resolves the majority of the issues as well. If no solution can be found in the Guide, please e-mail us at or call our Support Centre at 611.


Please contact our Support Centre to provide us with the list of e-mail addresses you would like to authorize to receive faxes.
No, you can use any mail server with our Web-Fax.
Once the service has been set up, all the incoming faxes will be delivered to your authorized mailbox in the PDF and/or TIFF format.
Login to your User Control Panel (UCP), go to Fax and select Send New Fax. Enter the fax number to the Destination field, select Resolution (standard, fine or super fine), upload the document you wish to send and press `Send`. Depending on the file size, it may take a few minutes for the fax to be delivered.
Yes, you will receive a detailed fax transmission report showing the delivery status, time and date, the number of pages delivered, and the fax preview.
Using our web interface, you may send PDF and TIFF files as faxes.
Yes, you can. It will be ported as a regular phone number within 5-7 business days without any service interruptions.