Biz-Line Broadcast Dialer is a powerful and interactive universal calling tool that allows you to reach and communicate with your existing and potential customers without involving a large team of customer service representatives to complete the calls.

Biz-Line Dialer fulfills a broad range of functions, being able to contact both internal teams and external clients by calling a defined list of recipients, playing an automated message and offering an interactive menu to the call recipient. The person answering the call is able to input necessary information using menu options provided, and can be transferred to a live person customer support line anytime, if necessary.

The power of Dialer lies in its full interactivity. It can be set up to work with a broad range of complex scenarios and long chains of menu commands and lead the customer to a desired outcome, whether it is to accounting department call, upgrade a service or speak to a representative.

Outbound calling set up with Biz-Line Dialer will enable you to reach a maximum number of customers or potential clients without hiring additional customer support agents and keeping your operational costs low. Dialer may also be used internally to connect various departments within one organization.

Biz-Line Dialer effectively supports operations of a wide variety of departments, including:

Billing – the system automatically calls a client whose payment is outstanding or due within a defined time frame. This set up may be used by subscription service providers and agencies needing to reach a large number of customers on a regular basis.

Sales and marketing – the system places calls to every number on a defined recipient list to inform both current and prospective clients of new offers, promotions or services.

Relationship management – the system will call to solicit feedback from customers who have recently completed a certain action (placed an order, received a shipment) or to confirm order information, contact information, delivery times and more.

Technical support and maintenance – the system will call all existing clients to notify them of planned and/or unplanned service interruptions, emergencies or down times.

The Dialer advantages

Biz-Line Dialer is flexible and can be customized for any type of outbound calling requirement. You may set up the calling hours, establish the recurrence rules, define system’s actions based on user input, including providing an alternative message if the call goes to voicemail, offering options to confirm or reject the call or speak to a live representative.

Biz-Line Dialer set ups are accompanied by regular and detailed reports, so that all placed calls are easy to track, measure and replicate.