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An automated call answering and processing system that guides callers through voice menu options. IVR may play a greeting and ask the caller to dial an extension number to route the call to the appropriate department or recipient. Multi-level menus are supported.
The feature directs calls to alternative extensions or external destinations (cell phones or landlines) after a set time that the call goes unanswered. We recommend setting the threshold to 15 seconds, after which the feature will call the specified list of Follow Me numbers. The caller will not be made aware of the call being rerouted. If the call is rejected, sent voicemail will appear in the original number's mailbox.
Two types of call transfer are available. Blind Transfer directs the call to another extension immediately without consulting the recipient. Attended Transfer allows for an incoming call to be placed on hold and the recipient to be consulted prior to accepting the call. The call is then transferred immediately, retrieved from hold or sent to the recipient's voicemail.
Recording of conversations occurring on the specified phone, most commonly for training purposes and/or quality assurance. The feature can be set to always record, never record, or record on-demand.
Provides an opportunity for multiple users to participate in the same telephone conversation. This feature is used for conducting group discussions, meetings and negotiations with remote parties from anywhere in the world. Call conference is a wide-spread trend considerably saving time and money, bridging people and distances.
Ring Groups pool together an unlimited number of extensions into one, to which a call may be directed, allowing several users to answer it based on availability and/or convenience. Additional options provide ring strategy (ring all, ring sequentially, ring first available), maximum ring time, an announcement to be played to the caller prior to dialing the group, and more. The feature is useful for IVR and call queues as incoming calls can be easily directed to entire departments or working teams.
Plays music to callers who have been placed on hold or are currently in a call queue. The music can be customized to play music pertaining to the demographic base of the callers, or simply present the callers with a number of custom recorded messages relating to the potential nature of the call.
Listen to your voicemail messages via email or on your smartphone instead of using a desk phone. When enabled, the feature sends a digital file containing the voicemail message to a specified email address.
The feature sends a copy of the fax to an email address and vice versa.
A remote phone system configuration that allows a remote user to connect to the central office phone system and place and receive calls as if they were physically present. This feature allows users to work from anywhere in the world, empowering employees to work from home, travel frequently for business or work remotely in a different city or country.
Callers are placed in an on-hold system that answers calls according to callers' priority, from highest (usually callers who have been waiting the longest) to lowest. Call Queues are extremely useful for a large number of simultaneous incoming calls. Callers can be placed in different queues as well, to be answered by a specific agent or a first available representative. Messages or music may be played to callers in a queue. Agents may also sign in and out of the queues according to demand.
Paging feature enables users to activate the speakerphone on another extension or a group of extensions for a cross-department communication via the phone. The Intercom feature can also be used for brief announcement for one particular or group participants.
Many businesses have multiple offices, be it in different locations, areas or different floors, and a separate Phone System may be necessary for each office. Multiple Offices allows such systems to work together, connecting large employee bases of each office and giving them access to almost all Virtual Phone features (conference calls, call transfers and more).
This feature routes calls based on the time of day, day of the week or month of year, providing different responses to after-hours calls, weekend calls and holiday calls. Various messages may be played to a caller, for example, a recording that states the business hours, prompts to leave a message or call back another time.
The feature places a call into a “parking lot” with an assigned parking lot number, allowing any user with any phone to pick up the parked call, if they know the parking lot number. Oh-hold music is played to the caller awaiting for their call to be picked up.

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